Home Flushing

Are you owner or Tenant of House, Apartment or Condominium?

Do you Check in or rent AirBnB, Chalet or Budget Hotel?

Some of us maybe worried or sense of observation when stay at home.
Beware maybe your home is installed by bugging devices from not responsible person.
Whether you are netizen ,VIP or VVIP, the data recording your activity and conversation is privacy.
There is to be something if someone try to record and see your activity.

Bugging Device is not only the Hidden Camera, its maybe the type of recording devices installed in your home to hear all your conversation in Real-time/Live.

Be careful, the data maybe will got viral, publish in public with any reason we don’t know.

Appoint us to check and do flushing for confirmation of your bugging device is your home.

Take action before you are recorded by not responsible person.
Flushing is a part of TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measure) which is more suitable for corporate office and meeting room.

Home flushing is only available for the space below 1000sqt, the equipment is not very Hi-Tech like TSCM and the costing for sure is not too high for the public ensure their safety.

Let us to help you out of the paranoid.
“ When U Need To Know”


Covert Protection Services (CPS)

Solution for Data Leakage Protection.
Keep your Meeting & Discussion room FREE from bugging devices or covert recording Devices.
Don’t let your information steal out.
Once leaking, it’s breaking something.

Protect your Private & Confidential Data.
TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measure) is good to detect and shield your room for temporary.
We’re not guarantee after a month, there is somebody come in to your room and install the bugging devices. There is no guarantee any intention of individuals come appointment in your meeting or discussion room. There is many secret information will be recorded from not responsible people.

The data maybe can be used to sell at third party or can be used as a personal or company interest.
There is many cases, most of company not alert the important and valuable of data.
Which maybe the value is more than hundred thousand or million if expose and miss out to your competitors.

Rent the COVERT PROTECTION SERVICES (CPS) in weekly or monthly during your very important board meeting. We’re ensure the data will be safe from any bugging devices or covert recording devices.
“When U Need To Know”


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