Terms & Conditions

Returns, Replacements and Refunds

All good sold by Spy Gadgets are subject to a 6 month repair or replacement warranty starting from the date of initial receipt. This means that any item that shows fault within the first 6 months of sale can be returned for repair or replacement as long as the fault has not been caused by the user. And replace the new same items within 1 month during warranty.

All repairs are free of charge in the warranty period as long as the fault is not user related. After a period of 6 months has expired after receiving your product(s), all repairs (if possible) may incur a fee proportional to the work involved. Spy Gadgets reserves the right to not replace an item after the 6 month warranty. If an item has been repaired under warranty and returned to the customer the warranty start date will NOT change to coincide with the date of repair. Under no circumstances can Spy Gadgets offer an extended warranty. Spy Gadgets guarantee, at its discretion, to replace, or repair, free of charge, within 6 months of the customer receiving a product any goods proven to be faulty by design or workmanship, provided that the goods have not been misused, modified, or attempted to be repaired by anyone other than the manufacturer and provided that the goods have been stored, operated and maintained within the manufacturers specified conditions as stated in warranty card. Any returned item with serial number defaced or removed cannot be positively identified as a product made or supplied by Spy Gadgets and as such will NOT be repaired or replaced under any circumstances. Any damaged or faulty goods received by the buyer must be reported to Spy Gadgets within 2 days of receipt. Prior to returning any product you should state your intention using a durable medium in Call or WhatSapp our Technical support at +010-9154168.

Returned items should be sent via a recorded delivery method to ensure all parcels reach us. Lack of postage proof can affect your replacement or refund claim adversely. Once the damaged goods are received by a member of staff they will be evaluated and if fault is found then a refund or replacement will be issued. If no fault is found by our technical support team then the item(s) will be held at the Spy Gadgets office whilst efforts are made to contact you regarding a return shipping payment for the said product(s). Once the relevant returns shipping payment has been received by Spy Gadgets, the said product(s) will be shipped back to the address specified for the return. Although Spy Gadgets offer a fixed and sometimes free shipping fee at point of sale, a non-faulty product return shipping cost will be calculated based on the actual cost of shipping as well as repackaging.

Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations you have the right to cancel your order within 14 days from the date that you receive the product. All cancellation notifications must be received by a Spy Gadgets member of staff in writing quoting order reference (preferably by email). The Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 provide the opportunity for customers who’mail order’ goods to check the received items for such things as size, colour, etc. They do not provide the opportunity for a purchaser to use a received product before deciding that it not what they wanted, much in the same way as a ‘High Street’ store would not allow a purchaser to take home and try out purchased goods and still expect an unconditional refund. If after receiving your ordered product(s), you decide that the appearance and size, weight etc. does not meet with your initial expectations at time of purchase, then you may return the item(s) to us together with original product packaging (e.g. box, display enclosure) in original and UNUSED condition, with any security seals in tact. The Consumer Contracts Regulations allow a return/refund period 14 days from the day that the purchased product(s) was/were delivered. Spy Gadgets normally affix individually numbered security seals to products prior to despatch. Any item returned in a used state and/or with the security seal broken and/or minus the security seal will not be eligible for refund.

All returns, as stated above, should be authorised by a Spy Gadgets member of staff in writing, after which you will receive and RMA form by email to fill in that will initiate the returns process. The consumer under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 is only entitled to a refund relating to price of the purchased goods only and this refund will exclude the return carriage charge, for which legally, the consumer is totally responsible. If the purchaser decides to return an item for refund under the 14 day ‘cooling off’ period specifies an Express or Saturday delivery rather than the standard ‘Free’ delivery option, then no reimbursement will be made for the additional delivery cost should an item be returned under Consumer Contracts Regulations ‘cooling off’ period. Any requests for a return of unused product(s) for refund outside the 14 day regulated period will be rejected, without exception. Bespoke or non-standard items manufactured/made to/or adapted to a customers’ requirements, by their very nature, will not be subject to the same cancellation period or refund specified in Distance Selling Regulations. Distance Selling Regulations only apply to purchasers from the Malaysia. Software products, due to their very nature are classed as non-standard items that are not covered by the distance selling regulations and as such are not covered by our return for refund policy. Refunds under the distance selling regulations can only be agreed ‘in principle’ until the product(s) subject of the return have been received at the Spy Gadgets office and have been examined and determined to be in an acceptable unused condition. Where a refund has been fully’ authorised, a refund payment will be processed within 14 days from the date that the returned item was received back at the Spy Gadgets business premises. Non-return of the product in question during this 14 day period may delay the refund process. Spy Gadgets cannot make a final decision in regards to a refund unless the product has been returned for examination and refund qualification

Where sales are classified as ‘business to business’, where goods are returned within a 14 day period sealed and unused, but are not faulty we reserve the right to deduct an administration and restocking fee of 10% of the purchase cost of each product from any refunded amount. In the event that a business returns a non-faulty unused GPS Tracking Device within the same specified 14 day period, we reserve the right to deduct a 12% administration, testing and restocking fee from any refunded amount. A business to business refund relates purely to price of the purchased goods and as such this refund will exclude the return carriage charge, for which legally, the purchasing business is totally responsible. So at the point of sale if an Express or Saturday delivery rather than the standard ‘Free’ delivery option was selected, then no reimbursement will be made for the additional delivery costs.

Legality of Equipment Use

With the exception of UHF and GSM/3G/WiFi/GPS Jamming equipment, all items sold by Spy Gadgets are legal to operate within the Malaysia. All responsibility, however, for any infringement of another person’s Human or Privacy rights is squarely upon the customer. As such it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the equipment is used in compliance with all Human Rights, Privacy Rights, Civil and Criminal laws active in the area of use. By accepting these terms and conditions you, the customer, agree to take full responsibility for the use of any equipment purchased from Spy Gadgets. Although it is not an offence to manufacture or possess a UHF transmitter or GSM/3G/WiFi/GPS Jammer in the Malaysia, the said products featured on this site are not MMC approved and the use of them would be an offence.

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