Introducing Tracker Mastery: Your Ultimate GPS Tracker Combo

The Tracker Mastery, where cutting-edge technology meets thoughtful design in our ultimate GPS Tracker Combo. This exclusive package includes two indispensable devices: the GPS Tracker Advance for vehicles and the GPS Personal Advance for enhanced safety. With a FREE pre-installed SIM card offering 12 months of active data and auto-roaming across 10 countries, you’re equipped with seamless connectivity wherever you go.

Track & Protect

Get peace-of-mind with precise GPS accuracy. Know where your items are, anytime, with real-time tracking.

What can you get from tracker mastery.

Accurate Real-time tracking

Experience unparalleled precision with our advanced GPS & GSM technology, ensuring pinpoint accuracy every time.

Smart working modes

Smart working modes adapt to your needs for versatile tracking solutions.

Vibration, low battery, and remove alarm

Vibration, low battery, and remove alarm (GPS Tracker Advance only) provide added security.

Voice Monitoring

Voice monitor lets you listen in on surroundings for enhanced safety.

Playback route up to 30 days

Playback route feature allows you to review up to 30 days of tracking history.

what's in the box?

All you need to know

GPS Personal Advance

The personal GPS tracker is a highly versatile and reliable device that is designed to keep you safe and secure, no matter where you go. This GPS electronic work card is based on the GSM/GPRS network, which means that it can be used virtually anywhere in the world. It uses the latest GPS chip and GSM chip to ensure accurate positioning and real-time data upload, which makes it an essential tool for security and management.

GPS Tracker Advance

GPS trackers have become an essential tool for businesses and individuals alike, providing a reliable and efficient way to track and monitor assets. The IP67-rated, portable, and waterproof GPS Tracker is the ultimate solution for those seeking the highest level of security and convenience.

Why Choose Tracker Mastery.

6 Months Warranty

Every purchase of Tracker Mastery comes with warranty card.

Enforcement Grade

Built for quality, reliability, and performance

Free Lifetime Software License

No monthly payment to use the software

Free SIM card

effortlessly monitor and track in real-time.

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