• GPS Tracker Advance
  • GPS Tracker Advance

Among the reasons for Offline GPS

  • Battery is dead
  • SIM card line coverage is weak/absent
  • GPS power off
  • GPS jammed (airport area, military base)
  • SIM card internet data has run out or expired
  • Parking under the basement/inside the building
  • Walk in a long tunnel
  • GPS falls and breaks
  • GPS enters too much water causing board problems
  • Inflatable battery (high voltage)
  • Simcard mold is broken/damaged
  • If you are using your own simcard, make sure the simcard is active and has internet data.
  • Turn off the GPS, take out simcard and insert again. After that try on the device and move the GPS.

Whatsapp us your last 6 digit IMEI number. We will renew it for free

Whatsapp Us to renew or replace your M2M SimCard.

  • Renew/Buy New SimCard will cost RM90 for 1 year
  • Go to <command>
  • then <SOS Number> you can add up to 3 numbers. Please put your own number
  • then click <Save>.
  • After finished, you can try call your GPS number.
**(M2M simcard can’t use for voice monitor, need to use normal telco simcard)**
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