Customisation and Installation


At Spy Gadgets, we do provide a comprehensive solution for your surveillance needs. Typically, a customised covert installation is taken on by us on a case-to-case basis. The purpose of such covert operations is highly sensitive and is not able to be conducted by themselves and other means.

Under very strict conditions, we require a thorough understanding of your requirements. We will study the location whether at home, building or office. A preliminary inspection of the site will be required so we can determine angles, wiring, and other configurations.

Our utmost responsibility is your protection. Any detection of surveillance will blow your cover will have dire consequences and can lead to a dangerous outcome. We require strict cooperation from the clients so that our team can do our job.

Our team will ensure that you have peace of mind when it comes to surveillance, giving you the evidence required to catch any suspicious activity.

At Spy Gadgets, we believe that safety always comes first. With our comprehensive surveillance solutions, you can trust that your home or premises are always protected.

Devices Used

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Security and surveillance equipment and services should be made available to everyone. It is not exclusively for the secret service, nor is it for criminals and voyeurs