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As the world becomes more technologically advanced, it has become easier for individuals to keep their activities hidden. However, when it comes to investigating and uncovering the truth, the latest technology and expert knowledge are critical.

The team at this investigation service has over 20 years of experience in the field, providing a wide range of investigation services for individuals, companies, and commercial owners in Malaysia. These services include background checks, surveillance, bug sweeps, corporate investigation, locating people, and spouse issues.

Background Checks

One of the key services offered by this team is background checks. This involves conducting a thorough investigation into a person’s personal and professional history to determine their character, trustworthiness, and reliability. These checks can be vital for individuals, businesses, and organizations looking to establish a relationship with someone, such as for employment or partnership purposes.


Another critical service offered by the team is surveillance. This involves monitoring a person’s activities, usually to gather evidence to support an investigation. Surveillance can be conducted through various means, such as cameras, GPS tracking devices, and other specialized equipment. This technology, combined with the skills and expertise of the team, enables them to conduct effective and discreet surveillance, providing the evidence required for the investigation.

Bug Sweeps

Bug sweeps are also an essential part of the team’s services. These involve the detection and removal of any spyware or hidden recording devices, which may be present in a location, such as a home, office, or vehicle. The use of the latest technology, such as specialized equipment, ensures that no hidden devices are missed, and the investigation is thorough and complete.

Corporate Investigation

Corporate investigations are another critical service offered by the team. These investigations are usually conducted to gather evidence for legal or regulatory compliance purposes or to prevent internal theft or fraud. The team’s expertise in this area ensures that any internal wrongdoing is discovered, and the appropriate action can be taken.

Locating People

Locating people is another important service offered by the team. This involves using specialized tools and techniques to locate individuals who may have disappeared, gone into hiding, or are difficult to find for any other reason. The team’s experience in this area ensures that they can locate people quickly and effectively, even in challenging circumstances.

Spouse Issues

Spouse issues are a common problem faced by many individuals, and the team provides an investigation service for this purpose. This includes conducting surveillance and background checks to uncover any infidelity, hidden assets, or other issues that may be affecting a relationship.

LanTech Securities provides a comprehensive range of investigation services, supported by the latest technology and expert knowledge. Their services are essential for individuals, companies, and commercial owners who need to uncover the truth and protect their interests. Contact us for free consultation.

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