• To Protect your child:Find out how nanny/babysitter treats your child
  • Protect Yourself: Find out if your partner cheating on you,evidence,crime etc..
  • Protect your privacy or valuable: at home or at work.

SPY GADGETS, quality is important for us,meanwhile the price should be competitive to all the items. Our Technical team will inspect and check all the items before delivery to avoid any problem of malfunction.Technical support is provided to ensure the application is meet your requirement and peace of your mind.

Yes, definitely! There are several laws and policies governing the installation and use of surveillance camera systems and technologies. These may vary from one state to another and from one country to another country. You should check on this first or better yet, seek legal advice before the installation. Ethical concerns include issues on invasion of privacy and rights to being informed, which may not be an issue if precautionary measures are taken prior to installation.

No, there is different specification and price based on your budget and application.

Yes, definitely can Take Picture,Video and audio.


  • Camera 5Megapixel,
  • Can Take Picture, audio and video.
  • Build in 8GB.
  • Waterproof 3meter
  • No Night Vision



  • Camera 12 Megapixel.
  • Can take picture, audio and video.
  • Build in 16GB.
  • Waterproof 3meter.
  • Night Vision is available.

Most of the Spy Gadgets Products is build in battery for camera, it need to recharge when power is low, has a few items can plugin the power for operation.

Don’t panic, most of the Spy Gadgets is auto save when power down.

Kindly get advises for your Parents, under age is not encourage to purchase.

Kindly please contact us : +6017-2801371 , or email us at

6 Month upon Purchase (Term and Condition stated on Warranty Card).

All sales are final. If your product is defective we will Repair/Replace the item within the Warranty. Based on Term and Condition stated on Warranty Card

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Security and surveillance equipment and services should be made available to everyone. It is not exclusively for the secret service, nor is it for criminals and voyeurs